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3 ways to avoid data loss

majority of small and medium-sized businesses do not have a data protection or data loss response strategy despite the apparent risks and costly implications. Given how vital information is to modern enterprises, do not take any chances with your data security.
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4 reasons your SMB should be concerned about a data breach

Data breaches don't just cause financial losses – they damage reputations and frustrate small businesses. Recent studies show that over 47% of SMBs experienced a cyber attack in the last year, and around 44% suffered multiple attacks. Here's why this should matter to you.
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How to implement a BDR plan

It’s not a matter of if but when your business will face the consequences of a natural or human-caused disaster. And without a robust backup and disaster recovery plan (BDR) in place, you’ll likely be one of the 40 to 60 percent of small businesses that never reopen following a catastrophe.
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Disaster Recovery 101: 4 Best Practices for Business

You never hope for a disaster, but the matter of the fact is, disaster is going to strike. So, when it does, will you be prepared? Here are a few best practices to help your business effectively prepare for a disaster and how to implement them now. Start your planning today.
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Evaluating your IT services

Continuous IT monitoring is one of the best ways to make sure your systems operate at peak efficiency. Additionally, you can keep cybercriminals at bay and identify flaws in your system. Although it may sound tricky, it's a task that's easier than you may think.
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4 things you should expect from your IT provider

Great IT is about working smarter, not harder. It’s about cutting down on the legwork your employees have to do so that they can focus on their most important tasks. It gives you tools that enable you to compete against larger, more established competitors.
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How managed services simplify and empower your IT

If you're looking to streamline your business and prioritize growth, managed services should be part of your IT strategy. Put simply, managed services enable you to outsource the parts of your operation that aren't performing well within your organization or that take up too many resources.
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4 things you can do now to save money on your IT

Do you feel like you’re spending too much on IT? Business technology may be an absolute necessity, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By critically analyzing your IT spending against readily affordable solutions, you can quickly find ways to trim down your IT budget.
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5 signs that your business needs a managed service provider

There comes a time when almost every company should partner with a managed service provider to support its IT needs, but how do you know if it's the right time for your organization? If you spot any of these 5 signs, it's time to consider an IT upgrade and the support of an MSP.
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The top 5 benefits of outsourced IT

Businesses everywhere are transitioning from break-fix services to fully outsourced IT. They’re moving away from the old CapEx pricing model of break-fix into the OpEx model of managed, outsourced IT.