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3 tips to find the best IT support provider

Managed service providers (MSPs) or IT support providers have become key players in today’s IT strategies for businesses of any size. Offering a variety of services from network monitoring to the hardware itself, IT support providers organizations by offering centralized expertise, processes, and tools to make everything run as smoothly as possible. 

With so many vendors claiming to be the best in the field, finding the right MSP for your business can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you choose who will best help your organization thrive?

Reliability is Key

When shopping for IT Managed Services, response time and availability should be at the top of your list. Technical difficulties can bring your business operations to a grinding halt. How long can your systems afford to be down? Around the clock availability is crucial to feeling like your MSP really has your back when things break down. An MSP that struggles with expedient customer support can quickly go under, taking you with them. 

When Push Comes to Shove

When emergencies strike, and they will, data storage can be the one saving grace of an important project or vital business documents. Cloud storage and automatic backups on a remote server are incredibly important for the longevity of your business when IT hiccups happen. A good MSP will also help your business develop a plan for when disasters like severe outages, dangerous weather, or even vandalism strike. A disaster recovery plan helps your organization get back on it’s feet when worse comes to worst. It’s important to know how your MSP plans to help you recover when business is disrupted. 

Always Evolving

One of the main advantages of an arrangement with an MSP is the access you have to their specific skill set. This can provide you with people who can solve any IT problem your business may encounter. A good MSP will invest in their employees’ knowledge by furthering their knowledge and certifications. Look for companies who strive to be cutting edge in their approach to offering advanced services. An MSP devoted to evolving means that when the technological landscape changes, your MSP (and your business) can evolve and adapt with it. 

Seeking these qualities in an MSP can help you sift through options to find the best match for your business. Customer support, business continuity, and continuous growth are key elements to look for in a partner that you’ll heavily rely on. Square3 is family-owned and operated since 1976. Through the years, our business has grown and evolved just like the IT industry. One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to providing the best IT support to help our clients reach their full potential.